My Second Favorite Gift of the Year

Today I read Alabama Chanin’s latest blog post ( and it had me pondering the favorite gifts I have given this year. I have made innumerable pillows, quilts, mala necklaces, bags, cowls etc. for people over the years.  Currently I am finishing up what I think may be my favorite gift ever and hope to share it in completion soon. Earlier this year, however I had a chance to make something for a girlfriend that was pretty special. (Please excuse my iphone pics)


My girlfriend lost her mother to heart disease at a very young age. She has kept her flannel nightgowns since her death and admits to sleeping with them on occasion to remind herself of her mama. For Mother’s day this year, I offered to make her a quilt from these nighties.


To start off, I cut the nightgowns into squares trying to include lace, buttons, plackets and pockets. I then stitched them together making a heart pattern.  I backed and machine bound the resulting quilt in flannel then hand tied it.

photo copy

When I gave it to her, she cried, I cried and it felt so good.

3 thoughts on “My Second Favorite Gift of the Year

  1. This is such a beautiful gift. It makes my heart sing. This will be a special treasure to your friend. Do you remember how my mother (Grandma Zoffel) treasured the quilt squares her mother made? Your quilt looks so soft and warm just like a hug from mom.

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