Needle Turn Applique with a Message

My friend Bianca is a gal with never ending style.

Thanks! I made them!.

She is smart, an amazing seamstress and a good sewing buddy (albeit long distance). Several months ago she was understandably upset when a clothing designer she has supported and championed for many years came out with their new seasonal line featuring many of their clothes in the color “Nude”. The light sand color that was being shown did not resemble her “Nude” or that of most of the world frankly. It has made me think much about the power of the words we use and how important it is to use them wisely.

With this in mind, I have been drawing up several projects for what I will call my “Nude” series. The first is an attempt to make a dress incorporating many “Nude” colors. I did Needle turn appliqué for the first time and am itching to do more. I used a fabric pen to write my message (forgive my messy doctor handwriting). I think I will make this into a wall hanging. There is nothing like a good message for creative inspiration.


7 thoughts on “Needle Turn Applique with a Message

  1. You move me to tears dear friend.
    Thank you for your wonderfully thoughtful support. This is beautiful. Words cannot adequately express how touched I am.

    1. Sorry I didn’t give you some warning. . . I have been thinking about this topic so much, it feels great to put my thoughts to something visual. Thanks for inspiring me.

      1. It was a happy and timely surprise! You did a great job I love it! The inspiration cycle continues; you have inspired me to work on a piece I was unsure of until now. Thanks again!

  2. Not amazing by any means. Loved your daughter’s new shirt. Tried to comment but halted by technical difficulties.

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