Sachet’s For the Underwear Drawer-A Tutorial

I think I have underwear on the brain. Not sure why, but making panty shaped sachet’s has been pushed front and center on my to do list. I have about three quilt tops to quilt and several projects midway done but after buying silk organza yesterday, all I can think about is sachets.


And these have been so darn easy to make that it is hard for me to stop. Another bonus is that with each one, I have been trying out new to me decorative stitches on my Janome.



To be honest I am a great Do-er and not the best teacher but these guys were so easy I thought I would pass on the techniques I used.

Supplies: Sewing machine, silk organza, thread, small premade bows, a small funnel and lavender flowers. (I used white organza and grey thread to make the decorative stitching more noticeable and I bought my lavender in the bulk section of Whole Foods.)

Basic Instructions: Mark off with fabric marker a rectangle 5 inches by 7 inches and cut around these rectangles in the silk organza allowing a generous 1 inch border to make stitching easier.   Make symmetric diagonal cuts on the lower rectangle corners to make it into the shape of underwear.  Pin the two pieces of organza together in the middle of the rectangle to keep them together when sewing.   Using a decorative stitch, sew around the edges along your marked lines, leaving the bottom open. Using your funnel, fill the sachet with lavender. Finish the bottom with the same decorative stitching to seal the lavender in place.  Trim the edges of the organza on all sides close to the stitching.   Using some of your thread, hand sew one of the small bows in place in the top center and you are done!

I decided I needed a little bag to hold my sachets so I used some Laminated Cotton from Heather Bailey’s Nicey Jane line and made an underwear shaped bag with frills to match my sachets.





5 thoughts on “Sachet’s For the Underwear Drawer-A Tutorial

  1. These are absolutely delightful! I love the shape and little bows! I have yards of organza that I had no idea how to use. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh good! I got your package today and can’t wait to begin using that leather. Sooo thoughtful of you. 🙂

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