Some Girls Dream of Diamonds . . .

I dream about industrial sewing machines that you can bolt to the floor for extra stability.  My new Juki sews through 5 layers of canvas and leather like butter.  I think my husband is as psyched about my new power tool as I am.  He has sketched out several heavy duty bag and pack designs on his honey do list.  And away we go . . .

9 thoughts on “Some Girls Dream of Diamonds . . .

    1. Now if I can only figure out how to thread the bobbin. 🙂 she is lovely but came with no instructions at all. Thank goodness for YouTube. . . Big congrats to you on your Sew Mama Sew feature. Very cool and well deserved

  1. Sew jealous! I have been stalking ebay and etsy for an industrial machine for leather! Drool! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it? Thanks! That man purse is awesome!

    1. Thanks Bianca. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it but I got it from Amazon. We are fairly rural and there are no local shops that sell industrial machines. We also have Amazon prime so shipping was free and it came fully assembled! The downside was that the machine came with zero instructions (I figured out yesterday that I have to disconnect the knee lift and tilt it on it’s side to fill the oil reservoir). It is still a little intimidating compared to my Janome. 🙂 the model is Juki DNU-451H with a servo motor. Good luck on your search and keep up your wonderful sewing.


  2. Thanks so much! Amazon is great. I have hesitated because of the lack of information on them. I will follow your progress as you learn.
    I am a recovering bag addict and love all of your creations! I feel a relapse coming on 🙂

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