Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me

A little over a year ago, this former News addict made a change.  This girl who was tuned in to NPR almost constantly (who was so into it that she donated an old car to the cause) decided to disconnect a little from the constant stream of News that bombards us daily.  Much to my children’s relief when riding in the car or relaxing at home we now listen to music instead of the News and I feel lighter for it.  Because of the intensity of my job, I felt I needed a break from being so bombarded in my free time . . . and I am happier even if guiltily uninformed.


In May we took our kids to Washington DC and visited the Newseum which I would highly recommend.  It had me thinking again about the minute to minute stream of News we now hear about from all over the world.  With this running through my head, the colors of our Bonaire trip still fresh and inspiration from my Denyse Schmidt quilt I came up with this new design.

Monday Musings-Creative Inspiration Plus a New Quilt | Entropy Always Wins.


I knew I wanted to use concentric circles and thought I would use bias tape.  This concept failed fairly quickly and I moved on to folding my fabric in quarters and drawing quarter circles with a compass.  Truth be told this gal has never taken any formal quilt/sewing classes and I’m kind of a Macgyver in my constructing.  I started by making and quilting my quilt sandwich with random straight lines of 5 different colors of Aurifil blue thread then machine embroidering the circles on top.  (I have no idea if this is how it’s supposed to be done but it seemed to work.)



The quilt is made out of several text print fabrics.  The solids are Peppered Cottons and it is backed with Ikea Numbers fabric.  I’m calling her “Wait, wait, don’t tell me” in reference to my previous NPR addiction as well as to the fact that sometimes I’m happier not knowing every detail of the goings on in the world.