Holy Cow, We Won?!

Robin and I are still riding the high of our unexpected win in the Open Category for the 2015 Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition (Umbrella Prints: And the winners are ……).  It is especially humbling when you look at all of the amazing makes out there like this one by my friend Kirsty (Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge 2015 – Patchwork yoke top) and this one by Megan (A little bit of my life: making :: just enough {umbrella prints trimming challenge}).  And I think the Quilt Category was especially rich with beauty this year.  Be sure to check out my friend Dorie’s take (umbrella prints trimmings quilt), Ashley’s (FITF: Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge 2015 | Film in the Fridge), Leela’s (Sunrise Quilt | Miss Leela) and the beautiful winner in this category by Amy (Trimmings 2015).

And for all those who entered or chose not to for fear of putting themselves out there, I entered two bags last year that I think only got 10 views total on Pinterest (haha!) BUT the making of them (and keeping to the tiny scrap restrictions) stretched my brain in wonderful ways.  They expanded my creative approach and became cherished gifts for friends.  So next year if you are contemplating entering, DO IT!



14 thoughts on “Holy Cow, We Won?!

  1. Well done! All the detail in the feathers is awesome. And I’m so impressed with how your sketching totally captures the beautiful emotions. And thanks so much for featuring my project. It really was so much fun working on the trimmings challenge.

    1. Thanks so much Shelby. It appears we are both stepping out of our comfort zones (a good thing!). I love your recent improv top and am so jealous you got to share time with Sherri


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    1. Thanks my friend. I need to email you to see what you think of my NINADC quilt to come to see what you think-finding inspiration from techniques I learned with this quilt

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