Circles and Squares






Recent Creative Work includes a quilt top of my own design: pieced concentric circles cut into 10×10 inch blocks and reworked.  Once again I found inspiration in Modern Art.  You can see the poster that inspired me here: AnuiColor | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.  This quilt top is still in search of a name.  Do you have any good ideas?

The cowl is made from 2 skeins of Malabrigo Rasta yarn.  The free pattern is here: Ravelry: Blue Brambles pattern by Alyssa Heath.

Did you notice the new picture in my blog header?  The pic is a herd of curious Chamois we ran into hiking around Zermatt, Switzerland.  It was such a treat to see them and how lovely are they in the fog?



18 thoughts on “Circles and Squares

  1. Lovely, both of them! How did you do your circles – the 6 minute technique?

    And I love the colours in the cowl – reminds me of an original Tiffany lamp.

    1. Gosh Nicole, I kind of made up my own method . . . using my husband’s woodworking measuring tools . . . and just pinned a lot and pieced slowly. I have so much to learn about the “right” methods. Thanks! BTW if you are a knitter, that cowl is SUPER easy. 🙂

  2. As a modern quilter who loves appliqué I am sooooo intrigued with your circle modern quilts. Are these machine stitched or appliquéd on top? These are knocking me out. Can’t wait to see how this come together and then quilted!

  3. Love the direction that quilt top is heading, how big are you going to go? I really love the cowl too, is it a variation on double moss stitch? Don’t answer that, I’ll stop being so lazy and go over to Ravelry and see (I’m not a very good knitter though, past the basics). I’d love to make one but here in Queensland, cowl weather is a once-in-two-years phenomenon. Not that I’m about to complain about that!

  4. Love where you are going with the quilt! Gabe, my son, just saw it and was so excited by the shapes! He loves “how the circles are broken” and “the colors are pretty”. High praise from an almost 3 year old, colors and shapes are his forte! As I type this, it is 38 degrees in Texas, brrrr! The cowl is dreamy!

    1. Bianca you are rising an artist! Strong work mama and Gabe (love that name btw). It is getting a little cooler here in the Sierra foothills too. Love the change of seasons-makes me feel alive. 🙂

  5. I had no sense of scale for the cowl until it was on your neck. I thought it was a small needlecase for a moment! Lovely chunky knits are deceptive.
    Love the circles! I am drawing a blank for names, but it reminds me of the circles you see when raindrops fall in a pond. Does that help?

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