I’m Done Breaking the Rules

Ha, that would be a no! I am done however with my Break the Rules Baby Quilt.  Like most quilts, this one started as an image in my brain that was made into fabric without much planning. There’s some magic for me cutting and sewing without putting it on paper first.  I explain the origins of this quilt in a previous post here:

Let’s Break the Rules. Shall We? | Entropy Always Wins.


You might hate me if you knew how easy this quilt was.  No question it is a design that could go a few different ways.  This is the third quilt I’ve made with canvas which gives a definite matte look and also adds weight.  I think it will hold up to the rigors of a baby/toddler well.


My recent love affair with minimalism is reinforced by the fact that I like the back as much as the front.  Though the substrates may have been “low brow” (ikea canvas, remnant bin denim) it was quilted with “high brow” Aurifil thread.  (Oh my, I love that stuff.)


I’m hoping to break out my newly purchased fabric dyes later this week.  There are a few projects in my brain that “need” hand dyed fabric.


9 thoughts on “I’m Done Breaking the Rules

  1. Love the quilting, hard. And very impressed you needle turned the appliquéd circle – I am lazy in that regard, it has to be a really good reason for me not to do raw edge. Who ever gets this quilt is one lucky baby!

    1. Oh gosh Kirsty, I think I felt bad about how easy the rest was that I felt compelled to “do some work” with the needle turn appliqué. Plus I’ve fallen in love with all things Carolyn Friedlander. Her book and patterns turned me onto NTA-kind of meditative actually. 🙂

  2. I really love how the orange and white lines look like they are being gathered up to pass through the center ring – almost like tucking a cloth napkin into a napkin ring. It’s a very cool visual effect for me. Beautiful finish!

  3. I love broken rules! This turned fantastic! Did you do the quilting yourself with a twin needle or did you have it professionally done? Either way, the lines, colors, shapes are perfection!

    There must be something in the creative air that is blowing in hand dying 🙂 My recent foray into it was so satisfying. I cannot wait to see what you have planned. 🙂

    1. I’m really good at sewing straight lines. Free-motion quilting . . . Not so much. I sewed these up with a single needle and my walking foot. Not perfect but I’ve decided I love the imperfections in handmade things. If I want something perfectly sewn (but also cheaply made and mass reproduced) I can go to target, right? And is it blasphemous for me to say, I’m glad my daughter is beyond the princess, Disney phase? You are a good, princess dress making, supportive mama. Crossing my fingers for you that a new movie comes out son. 😉

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