Pinned and Explored

Although work has kept me from sewing and knitting much this week, it has certainly been fun from a creative standpoint.  One of the pics of my Sew Together Bag was picked up on Flickr Explore.  Although this is not the most accurate mark of a great picture it is fun none the less having so many people fave and look at your photo.


I was “Explored” one other time in the last year for one of my Noodlehead totes. It all inspires me to step up my photography game and to finally buy and learn photoshop.


To see a true photographer’s work, check out my brother who has been “Explored” 16 times in the last year!

Flickr: CraigGoodwin2’s Photostream.

On another front, one of the pictures I took from a trip to Pompeii last year was pinned by Audi Italy and the ABC/Disney Creative Development Group. It’s been pretty fun to see this picture take off like it has with thousands of Pins.  On a weird note, I have seen my picture obviously modified and repinned.  All my creative work is just for my own fun but it has me wondering how others who make their living from photography and creative work feel about this kind of thing.


Our kids are out of school next week and my husband and I are working a ton to cover everyone else who has the week off.  It has me feeling a little sorry for myself so I have been reminiscing about trips we made last year.  The title pic was one my husband took of me in Ravello, Italy last year.  Have a happy Spring Break everyone.

2 thoughts on “Pinned and Explored

    1. Aw thanks Bianca. I think a huge part of success is surrounding yourself with creative people and going with what you like rather then what you think others would. You rock a unique style-love it! BTW, my photography secret: bought a Canon Rebel T3i from Best Buy with stock lens, only shoot in natural light with no flash. That’s it! Obviously I have a lot to learn about this photography thing. 😉

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