A Vintage Bag

One of the main reasons for purchasing an industrial machine was so that I could repurpose some of my heavy treasured vintage tapestries.  The heavy fabric took a toll on my traditional machine.  Ms. Juki and I are still getting acquainted but with some give and take we are starting to get to know each other better.  A beautiful Hmong baby carrier has been staring at me from my sewing room corner so yesterday after work I pulled together my fave organic cotton canvas from Marcus fabrics and some of my last Muench leather handles and put this beauty together.  My new machine made it sooooo much easier to sew together then my previous attempts pre-Ms. Juki.  I have about 15 other crafting projects swirling in my head while also working on Pediatric Mock Code scenarios for work, dealing with THE WORST Influenza season of my career and guiding my kids through major school projects.  Life is busy but good.



Below are some other beautiful fabrics staring me down. 🙂


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