As I clear out a former office to make a sewing/craft room for myself (Yes, I am going to have a Girl Cave!), I have been jockeying around my craft books. I am a definite convert to the digital reader when reading fiction but I can’t imagine making that switch when dealing with all things knitting, sewing and crafting.

As I sorted through the books to make room for them all I set aside the “Knitting for infants” books, the retro looking Burda pattern magazines and the 80s knitting books.  It is hard to give up these books as dated as they are, I think because my past is interweaved with them all.  I have spent many evenings browsing my collection of Rowan magazines, Alabama Chanin and Kaffe Fassett Quilt books finding inspiration for projects.  And the results can be seen all over my house in the quilts, clothing and sweaters they have produced.  Funny to me that I can form such attachments to these inanimate objects.

Now that I have more room however, I’m delighted to add some new ones to the collection.  Brave New Quilts by Kathreen Ricketson is so inspiring and I am convinced that if I keep Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight up close and center, I will finally learn how to crochet.   Drape Drape One and Two by Hisako Sato also stare at me, inviting me to get more comfortable with my serger.   Anyone else as attached and inspired by their craft books as I am?

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