A Modern Girl’s Easter Basket

Every modern girl deserves an Easter basket right?  Today I got the urge to make a Spring Bag and decided the bronze vinyl fabric remnant from my favorite upholstery store (a steal for $4 mind you) and it’s fancier sparkly Japanese canvas fabric and Robert Kaufman canvas would go well together.  My friend Stephanie (Spontaneous Threads) has been working the metallic threads so beautifully lately  how could I resist trying it all too?


Inspired by the hexie quilt design and techniques of Nicole Daksiewicz (ModernHandcraft)  I cut up the vinyl in several 1 inch wide diamonds and laid them out in an asymmetrical design.  I then glued them down to the green canvas with Fabri-Tac by Beacon (a permanent fabric glue), let it dry and then started straight line quilting it down to my fave Peltrex 70 Ultra Firm Stabilizer.  Stephanie had advised using a nonmetallic thread for the bobbin which I did and I used a metallic sulky thread for the topstitching.  Stephanie had suggested a top stitching needle as opposed to a metallic needle but I was afraid it would not go through all my thick layers so I used a leather needle which worked well.


This glue basting thing is the next best thing to sliced bread-no lie!  You guys need to try this!!  It is a life-changing technique (or at least Sew-changing technique) for sure. Next up I quilted the back in the same pattern as the front except without the vinyl diamonds.  I love this pattern so much I think I will use it in future quilts.  And do you see those crosses on the diamonds?  Perfect for Easter, no?  My accidents are my best friends.


Lastly I sewed them all together in another version of my Mini Museum Bag and added a zip pocket on the inside.

image image image

In quilting news, recycled men’s striped shirts cut at odd angles has been keeping me busy and a Triangle in a Triangle quilt is evolving.


Happy Spring Break Everyone!


16 thoughts on “A Modern Girl’s Easter Basket

  1. Seriously Hillary – your work is just stunning and so inspiring! The green sketh looks great with the bronze. Alignment of those stripes is impressive! I want to try that quilting pattern soon!

  2. The quilting is my favourite for sure – time intensive I bet, but really worth it. The metallic vinyl is a bit special, I will have to keep my eye open for similar, I’d love an evening clutch with those sort of details. That green is one of my favourites – so springy and fresh. I had a beautiful Irish linen shirt made in that colour and sadly it was always a bit too small, then I put on the obligatory 5 kgs when I got married (lost them again long ago) so I eventually gave it to goodwill. Of course, this was before I was a sewist and now I cry whenever I think of it. The things I could have done with that shirt!!

    1. Isn’t it funny how we look back on what we could haves saved? But I know I am so much happier the less u used stuff I have around. Hopefully someone got good use out of that linen shirt of yours.

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  3. I love it! I’ve been sewing modern hexies à la “modern handcraft” and wondering if I could do the same with diamonds. Now you’ve solved my doubts! I love the results! The quilting looks amazing! Definitely a must try! Thanks!

  4. You rock! Love that bag! Thanks for the tip on the glue; I used it yesterday and it turned out great. I am stalling on the quilt block… I am afraid I will mess it up. I hope to “woman up” this weekend 🙂

    1. That glue is amazing huh? So glad you found it. No worries about the quilt blocks. There is a ton of fabric to play with and worse case scenario if it doesn’t work out-no big deal.


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