Blogger’s Quilt Festival Modern Entry – Striped City Quilt

My second and last entry into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival is a quilt design by the amazing Kaffe Fassett using his fabrics.  It is the Striped City Quilt from his book Quilts in Sweden. I have made several, what I consider modern quilts over the last year but this one has special significance for me.  It was made and raffled off to generate money for a friend’s 6 year old stepson who has advance cancer.  I raised $2000 and the winner of the raffle was a friend with cancer who has defied all the odds having survived 10 years after getting the diagnosis of metastatic melanoma.  Those things alone make this quilt one of my favorites ever.





49 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival Modern Entry – Striped City Quilt

    1. I saw your quilt’s thumbnail! Yay! Still have not had time to go through all the weblinks. The best part of all of this for me is causing me to reflect on what I’ve made and being inspired so many other pretty quilts.


    1. Whoops, I responded using the wrong wordpress account. Please disregard the greenvillemodernquiltguild comment. I still want to say that this quilt is stunning and it is wonderful it went to such a worthy cause.

      1. Wow, Cheryl, your quilts are amazing as well. So fun to see all the beauty in these groups!

  1. This is a remarkable work of art! This is beautiful in meaning and execution. It is wonderfully dizzying to look at and more so to think about constructing! Best of luck in the contest!

    1. Thanks Bianca. Looking forward to ordering and starting my HAPPY shirt on my return.

      1. Lol, reading back my post I’ve left the word quilt out too – I meant to say amazing quilt and amazing story, let’s blame technology shall we ;D

  2. Beatiful quilt. I have the book and it looks excately like the quilt on the cover. I have admired it often. Well done, for raising so much money for a good course too. And congratulations on the nomination.

    1. I too have admired it forever and finally had to make it. Kaffe deserves all the credit for the design and the fabric!


  3. I voted! Disappointed that I could only vote once for my favorites! No matter, no need to stuff the ballot box on this one! Hillary Always Wins, at least in my book !!!

  4. Congrats on the Viewer’s Choice Nomination!! Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! This design has been on my list of quilts to do for a very long time. I LOVE your color choices!

    1. Congrats Judy on YOUR viewer’s choice nomination. Such a pretty quilt. Thanks for inspiring ME.


  5. Hi Hilary with 2 Ls. Hilary with 1 L here! You left a comment on my blog a few days ago,- thank you – but you seem to be a ‘no reply blogger’ so i couldn’t reply. Congratulations on your viewer’s choice in the Quilt Blog. It is a very vibrant happy quilt and I really like the way you have sliced through the strips at various points. Best of luck in the competition.
    P.S. I’m I just dumb? I couldn’t find a place to leave a comment on your blog either – I had to go through amy’s blog to get here.

    1. Hi there! Thank you. I think my no reply blogger status is because I am on wordpress and can’t change that-our not so little group has taught me so much. Best wishes and keep quilting. 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I have a question about this quilt. Can you tell me how many of Kaffe Fassetts types of serape fabric you used?
    Is it only the “Red”and the “Bold”ones?
    And how much should one buy for the quilt?

    Thank you for showing us your work – I am so impressed!!!

    Best from Ida

    1. Hi Ida, thanks for asking. I used the fabrics outlined in the Striped City pattern of the Quilts in Sweden book by Kaffe. You can even buy the quilt as a kit which makes it even easier. Best of luck!


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