Seeing Red Quilt

Seeing Red
Pieced with Oakshott cottons all of which had red threads in either the warp or weft. Hand quilted on a traditional frame.

4 thoughts on “Seeing Red Quilt

  1. Hello. This quilt is lovely and I’m impressed that you hand quilted it. Clare sent me your link. I understand you made a quilt with masks? I’d love to see that one too.

    1. Christine, Thanks so much. Quilting has been a wonderful therapy for my day job. I did not make a quilt out of masks but did make a quilt that I hope to detail soon about 2020 as a health care worker. Thanks so much for your interest.

      1. HIllary, I understand you are an ER doc in Roseville. I’m a 37 year plus ER nurse in Napa although now work in “Club Med” as I call it, i.e., Peri operative services. I will be very interested to see your quilt detailing life in the ED 2020. I just saw your eyes quilt and can’t seem to find the story on INstagram about it. (I’m kind of challenged in the INstagram world.) Peace, Chris

      2. cheers to medical work in whatever capacity. it’s probably a good thing not to be too adept at IG!

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