Needle Turn Applique with a Message

My friend Bianca is a gal with never ending style.

Thanks! I made them!.

She is smart, an amazing seamstress and a good sewing buddy (albeit long distance). Several months ago she was understandably upset when a clothing designer she has supported and championed for many years came out with their new seasonal line featuring many of their clothes in the color “Nude”. The light sand color that was being shown did not resemble her “Nude” or that of most of the world frankly. It has made me think much about the power of the words we use and how important it is to use them wisely.

With this in mind, I have been drawing up several projects for what I will call my “Nude” series. The first is an attempt to make a dress incorporating many “Nude” colors. I did Needle turn appliqué for the first time and am itching to do more. I used a fabric pen to write my message (forgive my messy doctor handwriting). I think I will make this into a wall hanging. There is nothing like a good message for creative inspiration.


Monday Musings

While my work schedule is not traditional, Mondays still mean the end of the weekend, the start of the kids’ school schedule and back to homework for us. I often muse about previous vacations and places I would rather be. Are their places you dream about on your Mondays? (Sunrise looking over the kitchen garden for the restaurant, The French Laundry, Yountville, Napa Valley, CA)

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge

Well friends, I finished up my Umbrella Prints Trimming Competition Entry.  I had at least 10 different ideas in mind (and with another trimmings packet left, I may use another idea still) but ended up going with themes that I am familiar with-linen, repurposed materials, a big bag and the red cross symbol.  I still have quite a bit of my husband’s old climbing rope left and I really enjoyed the Man-Purse I had previous made so I decided to make up a similar bag design.

A Man-Purse for Kris | Entropy Always Wins.

I used the Umbrella Prints scraps to outline the cross symbol in a quilted fashion.  I used some black and turquoise linen I had on hand and upcycled some black cordura for the bottom and top of the bag.

Umbrella Prints: Golden Ticket.





I used some left over scraps to put a top edging on an inner pocket.



This was such a fun challenge!  So tell me, what do you think?  Anyone out there also finished on their Umbrella Prints creation?  If so I would love to see it.

Happy Easter everyone!


Monday Musings

While my work schedule is not traditional, Mondays still mean the end of the weekend, the start of the kids’ school schedule and back to homework for us. I often muse about previous vacations and places I would rather be. Are their places you dream about on your Mondays? (A few years back at the top of Cathedral Peak, Yosemite National Park.)

A Quilt Finish

Woot! Woot!  I finished a quilt top and oh my I love this quilt.  It is a quilt of my own design made from repurposed jeans of ours and new and vintage linen with a touch of corduroy.  The fabrics make this quilt heavier then my other quilts and it feels reassuring somehow to cuddle up with a retake on my favorite old jeans.



I tried to partially echo the Plus design from the front on the back and quilted this up on the diagonals.




In other news, I came up with a design for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge (Umbrella Prints: Golden Ticket) and I’m super psyched to share it with you.  Hope it comes out as I envision.  Happy crafting!

Pinned and Explored

Although work has kept me from sewing and knitting much this week, it has certainly been fun from a creative standpoint.  One of the pics of my Sew Together Bag was picked up on Flickr Explore.  Although this is not the most accurate mark of a great picture it is fun none the less having so many people fave and look at your photo.


I was “Explored” one other time in the last year for one of my Noodlehead totes. It all inspires me to step up my photography game and to finally buy and learn photoshop.


To see a true photographer’s work, check out my brother who has been “Explored” 16 times in the last year!

Flickr: CraigGoodwin2′s Photostream.

On another front, one of the pictures I took from a trip to Pompeii last year was pinned by Audi Italy and the ABC/Disney Creative Development Group. It’s been pretty fun to see this picture take off like it has with thousands of Pins.  On a weird note, I have seen my picture obviously modified and repinned.  All my creative work is just for my own fun but it has me wondering how others who make their living from photography and creative work feel about this kind of thing.


Our kids are out of school next week and my husband and I are working a ton to cover everyone else who has the week off.  It has me feeling a little sorry for myself so I have been reminiscing about trips we made last year.  The title pic was one my husband took of me in Ravello, Italy last year.  Have a happy Spring Break everyone.

Sew Together Bag

I know, I know.  I said I was going to sew something other then bags (at least I said that in my head).  But this isn’t really a bag is it?  It’s more like a clutch or a sewing aid. ;)  Of course I’m talking about this rocking bag design by Sew Demented called the Sew Together Bag.  Pattern here:

Sew Together Bag by SewDemented | Sewing Pattern.

I’ve been inspired by all the different versions of this bag on Flickr and I’ve got to say this pattern is a keeper. The green around us and the birds building their nests inspired me to put together this fabric combination. I grabbed some scraps of Pippijoe Nests (I don’t think she makes it anymore so I am treasuring every last scrap!), some Alexander Henry Home Dec Dots and Ghastly Brambles fabric and the amazing Dots in Olive from True Colors by Heather Bailey (I can’t wait to make more with this line!!!)





I see more of these bags in my future!