Blogger’s Quilt Festival Modern Entry – Big Blue

For those who have not already met him I would like to introduce my submission into the Modern Category of the Fall Version of the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, Big Blue. (And for the folks who have already seen this quilt on my blog thank you for bearing with me.)  This quilt along with many of my recent makings is inspired by the clean hard lines of Modern Art.  Specifically, the work of minimalist painter Alain Biltereyst and one of his tiny paintings highly influenced my big quilt.

Alain Biltereyst.

As I made this quilt believe it or not I did not draw up a plan but instead started cutting and sewing pieces together.  Crazy as it is, that is how I make up most quilts and also likely why this quilt that was meant to be a baby quilt became much larger then expected.  I used Kona Cottons on the front and Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen for the back and it measures 60 by 86 inches.


The quilt was beautifully quilted by Emily Sessions of Emerson Quilting.

emerson quilting | longarm quilt design.








Please check out my quilt as well as all the beautiful quilts being featured at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival via the link below.

Happy Weekend!



You’ve Got Mail Bag

image image image image image image

Last week I found some real treasures at a vintage shop.  After washing the U.S. Mail bag several times I combined it with some black leather repurposed from a leather jacket donated to me and used a pattern I made up and call the Museum Bag.  (Each time I make these bags, the pattern becomes more and more refined!)  I added a built in zipper to the linen lining and used some leftover leather as the zipper pull.  I LOVE THIS BAG.  It begs for me to put on my Doc Marten boots to match!

In other news, after some lobbying by my friend Bianca of

Thanks! I made them!.

Alabama Chanin is no longer using Nude as a dress color.  The light sand color previously called Nude is now called Ballet.  Yay for Alabama Chanin and Yay for Bianca!  Let’s hope other companies come to their senses as well.

Lastly, I am honored beyond measure to be asked to participate in a special quilting bee, one that involves only solid fabrics, with a theme that changes each month and is composed of ROCKSTAR quilters. I must admit I’m a little humbled that they would want to include me but I’m excited to give it my best. Look for us soon on Flicker and Instagram:



Comics Inspired Sweatshirt Tutorial

Over the last couple of weeks I have sewn up some of my favorite handmade gifts for worthy kiddos.  This time around I leaned on Comics inspired graphics as subject matter but over the years I have made multiple variations of these towel shirts.  They have taken on the forms of monsters.  They have displayed beakers for a kid science day.  I once made one of these sweatshirts for my kids’ swimming teacher with fish, bubbles and all.  The possibilities are endless with your imagination as a guide.  And do you want to know the best part: THEY ARE SUPER EASY AND INEXPENSIVE TO MAKE!


And because we all could use simple, inexpensive, handmade gifts that even teens like in our arsenal, I thought I would share my methods.


Sweatshirt or tshirt

Towels (old or new)

Thread to match your towels

Misty Fuse

Stick on Stabilizer (I used Sulky Sticky +)

Graphic Design for your shirt, Scissors, an iron, sewing machine and marking pen


Step One: Cut out the graphic design you will use.  Iron on Misty Fuse to the back of the towels.  Flip the graphic design outline so the front is facing the Misty Fuse side of the towel and draw around it.  Cut out the towel pieces you will use on your shirt.





Step 2: Place your cut out graphic over the fusible stabilizer and cut out the appropriate size.  Flip the shirt/sweatshirt inside out and peal off the paper.  Place the fusible backing on the inside of the shirt in the position you plan to put your graphic image.



 Step 3: Flip the shirt/sweatshirt right side out again and center your background graphic image making sure to position it over the stabilizer on the inside of the shirt.  Iron on the first background image then using a zigzag stitch with thread that matches the towel, zigzag around all edges.



Step 4: Repeat the last step with your top graphics and iron in place.  Zigzag using thread that matches your towel around all edges.  When all graphics have been fused and sewn in place use scissors to trim any frayed threads.



Step 5: Turn the shirt/sweatshirt inside out and trim or pull away the excess stabilizer.


Now wasn’t that easy?!  The one thing to remember with these towel shirts is that with time, the fabric can fray a bit and may need a “haircut” to trim them off.  After a few washes this is rarely necessary but I always tell gift recipients when I give them away.







Happy Creating.










I’m Done Breaking the Rules

Ha, that would be a no! I am done however with my Break the Rules Baby Quilt.  Like most quilts, this one started as an image in my brain that was made into fabric without much planning. There’s some magic for me cutting and sewing without putting it on paper first.  I explain the origins of this quilt in a previous post here:

Let’s Break the Rules. Shall We? | Entropy Always Wins.


You might hate me if you knew how easy this quilt was.  No question it is a design that could go a few different ways.  This is the third quilt I’ve made with canvas which gives a definite matte look and also adds weight.  I think it will hold up to the rigors of a baby/toddler well.


My recent love affair with minimalism is reinforced by the fact that I like the back as much as the front.  Though the substrates may have been “low brow” (ikea canvas, remnant bin denim) it was quilted with “high brow” Aurifil thread.  (Oh my, I love that stuff.)


I’m hoping to break out my newly purchased fabric dyes later this week.  There are a few projects in my brain that “need” hand dyed fabric.



Everyone Loves Catwoman

Hey everyone!  I’m back from LA invigorated . . . and determined to get in better shape.  Going to LA and being around all those crazy fit, beautiful folks will do that to you I guess?  Unfortunately I missed seeing my friend Lori.  We were hoping for a quick meet up but her honeymoon trip to Italy got in the way-priorities, priorities.   BUT I did get to meet with some college friends and we had so much fun.  There is nothing like hanging out with gals you’ve known since the age of 18 to help put everything in perspective.

One of the bonuses of the trip was that the Noodlehead Envelope Clutch (Noodlehead Envelope Clutch with Umbrella Prints Fabric | Entropy Always Wins.) I made and gifted made it’s way last week to a Democratic Fundraiser . . . featuring President Obama . . . at Gwenyth Paltrow’s house?!  They confiscated all cell phones and cameras at the door so we didn’t get any pics of the bag with celebrities but it was surreal to get the texts from my friend afterward.  I mean, what do you say to Julia Roberts when she is sitting next to you?  To be honest these famous people sounded pretty grounded and lovely.

IMG_0749Oh, how I’ve loved sewing since returning.  I am completely geeking out on minimalist designs.  The baby quilt top above was a blast to make.  It required a gigantic circle template which was a first for me and pretty darn easy.  I’m looking forward to quilting this and thinking about binding it in a yummy bright solid.  My leather scraps have also been keeping my imagination going and I have made up a few more bags with them trying to use up every last piece.


At the end of the month I am hosting a Mother/Daughter Halloween party for my friends and their daughters.  Everyone has been tasked with dressing up as their famous female icon to celebrate girl power (the picture below is on the invite).  Trying to encourage the gals to dress up, I made the bag below as a prize for the best costume (at my dress up parties, the young ones always pick their favorite).  I’m calling it the Everyone Loves Catwoman Bag.



IMG_0754Well, I’m off to work on my costume.  Happy weekend!



Noodlehead Envelope Clutch with Umbrella Prints Fabric

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as combining a great pattern with some treasured fabric.  I’m heading to LA to visit some girlfriends this weekend and in anticipation, I wanted to make up something as a gift.  Anna of Noodle-head re-engineered her Envelope Clutch recently and I couldn’t resist trying it out with some treasured Umbrella Prints fabrics.  Pattern is here: Envelope Clutch PDF Pattern – Noodlehead.


The only modifications I made were including heavy duty Pellon interfacing with the fusible fleece on all outer parts, ditching the side D-ring in lieu of a leather tab and using some more repurposed leather for the trim, handle and inner card pocket.  (Side note:  Can you believe I now have 3 stuffed garbage bags full of leather and suede that friends have given me?!)  I was able to sew through all of these layers because of my industrial Juki.  Even with that, working my way through two layers of fleece, heavy interfacing, fabric and leather was a chore.




While in LA, I’m hoping to visit a girlfriend from high school.  While I went to undergrad and medical school, she moved to LA to be a dancer and had quite a run dancing in the Academy Awards, on tour with singers and on TV.  In my mind, she is most famous for her part in George Michael’s video “Faith”.  Anyone else remember those amazing legs?  Yep, that’s my friend Lori.


Can’t wait for some girl time.




Bohemian Rhapsody

Sometimes a riot of color is a good thing, no? And mixed with flowers and vintage textiles . . . for me it is irresistible!

I got into a bag making frenzy this week and sewed up some vintage Thai textiles.  The first was a clutch I made with the sleeves of a black leather jacket a nurse friend gave me.  Once again I used a tribal tassel repurposed from a belly dancing costume for the zipper pull.



My last Thai baby carrier became a bag for a girlfriend.  I added an inset zippered pocket to the lining (a first for me and so easy!)



Lastly, i used more old climbing rope, Marcus organic cotton canvas, some thick vinyl and a pretty Kaffe print to make a bag for my girl.  I added some of my handmade linen and voile flowers and am calling it the Bouquet Bag.


It’s pretty liberating to make up designs that are floating in my head and equally exciting to see my sewing room floor that is a tad less cluttered after finishing these to-do projects.

Peace out ;),